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  • Facing the complicated and changeable market situation of rotary drilling bit, Shareate has developed single cone and two cone series rotary drilling bit, which can be applied in various rock layers from strongly weathered rock to slightly weathered rock, and adapt to the formation compressive strength of 50MPa to 150MPa or above.
    Our R&D personnel optimized the steel ball locking sliding bearing in the bearing structure, and adopted the high saturated NBR O-ring and flat composite seal ring in the high-performance sealing process, ensuring the working stability of the lubrication system. These measures effectively improve the life and reliability of the bit under the conditions of high WOB or high speed drilling technology. At the same time, the optimized cutting structure gives full play to the high wear resistance of the rotary drilling bit and shows excellent cutting ability in practical application.
    Shareate can develop special models of products according to customers' personalized needs. Please download our samples for details.