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  • 非开挖
    Designed & developed according to the construction requirements and market demand, trenchless cone palm can be applied to various formations and drilling tools, achieving a full coverage of 8-1/2 to 12-1/4 inch.

    Internal structure:
    1. Adopting the steel ball locking sliding bearing and the bearing surface is welded with wear-resistant alloy, which has high wear-resistant performance and longer service life.
    2. High performance rubber sealing structure and metal sealing structure improve the life and reliability of the whole sealing structure.
    3. High performance environmental protection grease and bearing structure equipped with oil storage and pressure compensation system improve the working life of the bearing.
    4. Carbide inserts with high strength and toughness can improve the impact resistance of inserts and reduce the insert broken rate.
    5. Optimized cutting structure, insert exposed height, quantity and shape strengthens the drilling coverage, giving full play to the advantages of trenchless reamer. 
    At the same time, the product combines the working condition of horizontal drilling with the trenchless cone and design a special palm back stabbing structure. Shareate can develop special models of products according to customers' needs. Please download our samples for details.


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